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28/04/2015  6508   ShivpurCharcha/C.C.RoadAtWardno-19 C.C.Road At Ward no 19 Near Shiv mandir To Jamni para   Live
28/04/2015  6507   ShivpurCharcha/C.C.RoadAtWardno19Near C.C.Road At Ward no 19 Near Shiv mandir To Jamni para   Live
28/04/2015  6506   ShivpurCharcha/BTROADATWARDNO-19 B.T.ROAD AT WARD NO. 19 MAHUAPARA NH.43 TO SAGAR TALLB   Live
28/04/2015  6505   ShivpurCharcha/B.T.ROADATWARDNO.19 B.T.ROAD AT WARD NO. 19 MAHUAPARA NH.43 TO RAMLAL GUPTA HOUSE   Live
28/04/2015  6504   ShivpurCharcha/PipeLineatwardNo16to20 Providing and laying of Pipe Line at ward No 16/17/18/19/20   Live
28/04/2015  6503   ShivpurCharcha/C.C.RoadAtWardno18 C.C.Road At Ward no 18 P.M Road To Mangar Para   Live
28/04/2015  6501   ShivpurCharcha/C.C.RoadAtWardno19 C.C.Road At Ward no 19 Near Sagar Bandh   Live
28/04/2015  6500   ShivpurCharcha/C.C.RoadAtWardno20 C.C.Road At Ward no 20 Water Tank To N.H.43   Live
28/04/2015  6499   Shivpurcharcha/C.C.RoadAtWardno16 C.C.Road At Ward no 16 Near Pradeep Gupta To Karamdand   Live
28/04/2015  6498   SHIVPURCHURCHA/C.C.Roadpool1to20word CONSTRUCTION OF RCC Pool, T5 Fitting, CFL 45 Watt Fitting LOCATION- For 1 To 20   Live
28/04/2015  6497   SHIVPURCHURCHA/C.C.RoadAtWardno19 C.C.Road At Ward no 19 Near Agan Bardi SHIVPUR CHURCHA   Live
27/04/2015  6496   F.No.347/Const/T.P.Nagar/2015/KMC CONSTRUCTION OF H-TYPE STAFF QTR. FOR REST HOUSE ,D-1 AND   Live
27/04/2015  6495   F.No.6657/Const/BankiZone/2012/KMC Construction of WBM Road Widening and tarring work from Saptahik Bazar to   Live
25/04/2015  6493   927/Zone-6/Bhilai/2015 Ward 63 Krishna Talkies Ashish Nagar main road parallel to the pre- power boatin   Live
24/04/2015  6492   03/291/75/Zone-2/Bhilai/2015. Detailed estimate for rental mini excavator chain mounting machine & chain mount   Live
23/04/2015  6491   3/292/Zone-2/Bhilai/2015 Detailed Estimate of Rental J.C.B.(2nos) and Dumfer(1nos) for Jan Swasthaya Vais   Live
24/04/2015  6490   03/261/67/Zone-2/Bhilai/2015 Complete Work of Corpse Funeral at ramnagar Cemetery   Live
23/04/2015  6489   F.No.608/StoreSec/2015/KMC Annual Rate Conctract for Innuragation Stone with Writing Works.   Live
22/04/2015  6488   NPPGariyaband/AuditoriumBhawan/2015 Construction Auditorium at Gariyaband   Live
22/04/2015  6486   Gariyaband/RCCDrains_4/2015 Construction of RCC Nalla From Chhind Talab to Jamat khana at Gariyaband   Live
22/04/2015  6485   Gariyaband/RCCDrains_3/2015 Construction of RCC Nalla From Tiranga Chowk to kali mandir at Gariyaband   Live
22/04/2015  6484   Gariyaband/CCRoads&RCCDrains_2/2015 Construction of Nalla from Main Road to Tiranga chowk at Gariyaband   Live
22/04/2015  6483   Gariyaband/CCRoads&RCCDrains_1/2015 Construction of CC Roads & RCC Drains at Gariyaband   Live
22/04/2015  6482   Gariyaband/CultureBhawan/2015 Construction of Culture Bhawan at Gariyaband   Live
22/04/2015  6481   No.7678/Const/KorbaZone/2015/KMC TARRING OF BEHIND GEETANJALI BHAWAN AT WARD NO 04   Live
22/04/2015  6480   NPPGariyaband/BeautificationworkofChhindTalab Beautification work of Chhind Talab at Gariyaband   Live
21/04/2015  6477   03/268/69/Zone-2/Bhilai/2015 Chainlink Fencing Work at Trenching Ground Zone-2   Live
20/04/2015  6472   UADD/CE/15/ConcreteRoad,R.C.C. Widening & Construction of Concrete Road, R.C.C. Covered Drain & Divider Pandari   Live
16/04/2015  6469   NITNO:33/PWD/Zone-3/15#4 Construction of Nalla from narrow guage railway line to house of Mr. sahu   Live
16/04/2015  6468   NITNO:33/PWD/Zone-3/15#3 Construction of Nalla from House of Mr. sahu to raja talab outlet no.2   Live
16/04/2015  6467   NITNO:33/PWD/Zone-3/15#2 Construction of Nalla from shiv mandir to raja talab outlet no.1   Live
16/04/2015  6466   NITNO:33/PWD/Zone-3/15#1 Construction of Nalla from anuvrat complex to chhoti railway line bridge   Live
16/04/2015  6465   F.No.04/Const/KorbaZone/2015/KMC CONSTRUCTION OF R C C DRAIN & PAVING AT SARADA VIHER WARD NO 12   Live
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