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04/08/2015  6845   04/Zone-4/Bhilai/2015 BT road and renovation work of market main road of ward no 27.   Live
04/08/2015  6844   01/Zone-4/Bhilai/2015 Bituminous work of Purena main Road basti to Railway station store para at ward   Live
04/08/2015  6843   03/Zone:-4/Bhilai/2015 Renovation work of Main way G.E Road to Industrial road between at ward 31,32,34   Live
01/08/2015  6842   E-rickshaw/Nit/No./1557/Ambikapur Supply of 08 Nos. (Type-I 06 Nos., Type-II 02 Nos.) Battery Operated Rickshaw fo   Live
01/08/2015  6841   52/Zone-6/Bhilai/2015 Construction of W.B.M. Road for Ward 63 From Risali- Dhanora Main Road Junction   Live
31/07/2015  6838   1036/Zone-4/Bhilai/2015 Constructions of R.C.C Road Work at Different places of Ward -36.   Live
31/07/2015  6837   No.350/Const./T.P.NagarZone/2015/KMC Supply and fixing of Auditorium Chair At Korba Auditorium   Live
29/07/2015  6835   NITNO:409/PWD/Zone-06/15 Beautification of Chironji Talab at Dr. Vipin Bihari Sur Ward No. 56 Raipur   Live
27/07/2015  6834   3130/Zone-1/Bhilai/2015 Construction of BT road from rajendra Prasad chowk to Milan chowk   Live
27/07/2015  6833   3131/Zone-1/Bhilai/2015. Widening and Asphalting work in Nehur nagar East and Dixit Colony puliya to Slat   Live
27/07/2015  6832   3129/Zone-1/Bhilai/2015 Construction of BT Road from Nizami Chouk to Slaughter house & Slaughter House t   Live
27/07/2015  6831   3132/Zone-1/Bhilai/2015. Road Expansion work from Snehal chouk to shivaji chouk   Live
28/07/2015  6830   F.No.567-2/VehicalSection/2015/KMC Supply/Purchase of 2.5 CU.M CONTAINER for Nagar Nigam Korba under 13th Finance   Live
28/07/2015  6829   F.No.567-1/VehicalSection/2015/KMC Supply/Purchase of 4.5 Cu. M. CONTAINER for Nagar Nigam Korba under 13th Finance   Live
27/07/2015  6828   F.No.Const/99/KosabadiZone/2015/KMC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT OF PARK AT PT. RAVI SHANKAR SHUKLA NAGAR WARD NO. 23   Live
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