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28/08/2015  6936   3/69/268/Zone-2/Bhilai/2015.. Labour supply work for pipeline and road repair & maintenance work   Live
28/08/2015  6935   913/Zone-4/Bhilai/2015/Retender Constructions of P.D.S. Building 3 Nos. at Ward 35,36 & 66   Live
28/08/2015  6934   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#12 B.T.Renewal work from Lohar Chowk to Lakhe Nagar Purani Basti Road   Live
28/08/2015  6933   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#11 B.T.Renewal work from Budehshwar Madir to Lohar Chowk Purani Basti Road   Live
28/08/2015  6932   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#10 B.T.Renewal work from Tatyapara Chowk to Amapara Chowk Right Side   Live
28/08/2015  6931   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#9 B.T.Renewal work from Tatyapara Chowk to Amapara Chowk Left Side   Live
28/08/2015  6930   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#8 B.T.Renewal work form OHT (ZONE 5 office) to Goutam nagar sundarnagar main road   Live
27/08/2015  6928   No.558E/Vehicle/13thFinance/2015/KMC Supply of Dumper Placer (Cantainer capacity 4.5 Cum)   Live
27/08/2015  6927   No.558B/Vehicle/13thFinance/2015/KMC Supply of Iron Container Capacity 2.5cum. for Dumper Placer.   Live
28/08/2015  6926   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#7 B.T.Renewal work at Hotal All Near to Rathor Chowk Via Gurunanad Chowk.   Live
28/08/2015  6925   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#6 B.T.Renewal work at Jawahar Nagar Main Road.   Live
28/08/2015  6924   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#5 B.T.Renewal work at Santosh Kumar garg Shop to National Stationary Mart   Live
28/08/2015  6923   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#4 B.T.Renewal work at Gass Memoriyal Building to M.G.Road.   Live
28/08/2015  6922   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#3 B.T.Renewal work at Gujrati School to Lucky Bharat Garage   Live
28/08/2015  6921   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#2 B.T.Renewal work at Nagar Ghadi Chowk to Moti Bagh Chowk.   Live
28/08/2015  6920   NITNO:137/PWD/Zone-7/15#1 B.T.Renewal work at M.G.Road From Sharda Chowk to Hotel All Near.   Live
26/08/2015  6919   NITNO:149/PWD/Zone-4/15#15 B.T. Renewal work from Ambedkar Chowk to Kalimata Mandir Chowk   Live
26/08/2015  6918   NITNO:149/PWD/Zone-4/15#14 B.T. Renewal work from Police Line gate to vivekanand complex   Live
26/08/2015  6917   NITNO:149/PWD/Zone-4/15#13 B.T. Renewal work from Mahila Thana Chowk to Police Line gate   Live
26/08/2015  6916   NITNO:149/PWD/Zone-4/15#12 B.T. Renewal work of on Shastri Chowk via Lalganga complex to Jaistambh chowk   Live
26/08/2015  6915   NITNO:149/PWD/Zone-4/15#11 B.T. Renewal work of on Jaistambh Chowk via shahid Smarak Bhawan to Shastri Chow   Live
26/08/2015  6914   NITNO:149/PWD/Zone-4/15#10 B.T. Renewal work of Gourav Path from Swarna Jayanti Chowk via Nagar Ghadi Chowk   Live
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